Master Chefs’ Favorite Kitchen Tools

When you have an interest in cooking, it is reasonable to spend most of your time in the kitchen. You should learn to cook how it is intended, kitchen tools are very important as they play a critical role in determining the time you will take to prepare a particular meal and how the food will taste. Below are master chef’s kitchens tools that can make you a great chef as well.

Master chefs’ favorite kitchen tools

1. Chef’s knife

This is one of the essential tools that you will need for all your kitchen activities. It is good if you find one the fits well and is comfortable for you like the kamikoto knives.


2. Mandolin

This is another tool that is used by all masters chefs. Mandolin is used to make precision cuts that can’t be made with a knife. It is also handy when you are trying to prepare food within a limited period. Some mandolin has a blade option that is used to cut vegetables into thin slices like paper.

3. Y-shaped peeler 

This is the best peeler to use; it is essential to reducing tour meal preparation time. It makes sure your veg are clear and clean of any form of blemishes that can be on the dishes.

4. Fish spatula

A fish spatula is another great chef tool to have. Fish spatulas look like a car grill. It is thin, stainless steel that has a curve at its end. Fish spatulas are perfect tools for getting under the frying pan to prevent fish from getting burnt. This cooking tool is not only used to prepare fish, but it can be used to turn several meals when turning in a pan.

5. Pasta strainer

Every chef must have a pasta strainer ad we have several pasta offerings nowadays that cannot be strained in colanders and pots. 

6. Potato ricer

Potato ricer used to prepare mashed potatoes. Potatoes are cooked, and they slowly pressed through a ricer to achieve a lovely texture.

7. Meat thermometer

This is another useful tool to have in the kitchen. A meat thermometer is used for cooking meat to perfection. This tool ensures that your food is cooked well safe for consumption. Some of them use advanced technology that can tell you the exact oven temperature.

8. Spice grinder

Grinding spices other tricky kitchen activities that you must have the right tool to help you carry it out. You can also use a spice grinder to grind your toasted whole spice or coffee beans to get the ultimate fresh and natural flavor that one can add to his or her recipe.

9. Mesh strainer

This tool is a must in your kitchen; everyone should have this, it is used to strain sauces or stocks for an excellent velvety texture that brings the big difference in your recipe. A mesh strainer strains any form of liquid to create a smooth consistency.

10. Kitchen tongs

Tongs are essential for meal preparations. Kitchen tongs are used to pan your fried foods, turning foods and even to remove hot pans from the oven.

These are the top tool every master chef should have in the kitchen.

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