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What you should know about Treating Heart Failure with EECP

What Is EECP? 

Enhanced External Counter Pulsation (EECP) is non-invasive, clinically proven and safe outpatient procedure used in treating patients with congestive heart failure and angina. This procedure utilizes pressure cuffs applied in the legs and buttocks to increase blood flow to the heart, subsequently increasing oxygen levels in the starved areas of the heart.

The patient gets relief from chest pain when the heart muscles are supplied with enough oxygen. EECP leads to the development of new pathways around the blocked bold vessels in the heart by increasing the tiny blood vessels in the heart muscles, thus normalizing blood flow to the starved heart muscles. EECP is one of the best therapies for angina treatment Malaysia

The procedure

The patient lies on a comfortable table, and blood pressure cuffs are applied on the legs and buttocks. These cuffs deflate and inflate periodically by timing the patient heartbeats. The cuffs deflate when the heart is resting before the next heartbeat; an Electro Cardiogram (ECG) helps to guide this process. This act helps to normalize blood supply to the heart muscles.

Special sensors are applied on the patient’s fingers to monitor oxygen levels in the blood. The same sensors record pressure waves that arise as the cuffs inflate and deflate. Since each wave is timed by monitoring the patient’s heartbeat, blood flow to the heart increases when the heart is relaxing.

EECP assists tiny blood vessels supplying blood to the heart to open; the extra blood pathways in the heart (collaterals) help to increase blood flow to the affected heart muscles. 

Benefits of EECP treatment

The following are significant benefits of EECP

• Increased blood flow to starved heart muscles

• Reduction in chest pains

• Better tolerance for exercise

• A reduction in nitroglycerin use

• Angina symptoms relief

Is EECP Effective?

EECP is an effective US FDA approved safe and non-invasive alternative treatment to angioplasty and heart bypass surgery. It assists in increasing blood flow to heart muscles by promoting the development of new blood pathways in the heart (a process known as angiogenesis).

Fortunately, this medical procedure has no side effects, and it’s highly useful for heart patients suffering from angina besides those with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes.

After the treatment, patients experience improved blood circulation in the heart, renewed energy, reduced heart workload, and reduced or no angina.

Who qualifies for EECP?

If you’re a heart patient, your physician will evaluate you to establish if EECP will be helpful for your case. EECP is effective for patients:

• who have undergone invasive procedures with little improvements

• with chronic stable angina

• who are not fit for invasive procedures

• looking for alternatives to angioplasty and bypass surgery

• Taking nitrates to relief angina but don’t obtain reliable results

Is EECP a risky medical procedure?

EECP attract little or no risks; it has safe. The patient should follow the instructions and program set by the medical technician to ensure the treatment goes as intended. Sometimes the patients may complain of mild skin irritation in areas where the cuffs were applied; thus, you should inform your therapist if you’re not comfortable. 

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